Armagnac, the long life elixir,
the oldest french Brandy!

Armagnac, the oldest french Brandy!

Leafing through these pages will take you on a journey through the rolling hills of Gascony where you will meet the people who have for generations kept up the traditions and secrets of this elixir. will teach you how to sample and savour this golden nectar; you will discover ancestral wisdom and who knows, you might even pick up a little local accent.


 Where to buy
More and more producers are offering their vintage armagnacs and special blends to online buyers.

Until a comprehensive list is available on this site we invite you to use the Producer's Directory to contact the producers directly.

Grands Armagnacs Magnol
 Dealers, Producers & Advertisors associated with Floc de offers you the best available platform for international coverage, by providing advertising solutions and other services such as an online 'shop front' (where you can display and sell your products) it has the power to put you in touch with an unlimited customer base.

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 La Flamme de l'Armagnac *
La flamme de l'armagnacIn November the Armagnac Torch will pass from town to village enlivening the forthcoming long winter evenings.

By following the torch you will be warmly welcomed in sharing many south western gastronomic specialities such as duck magrets, roast chestnuts, apple croustades to the musical accompaniment of a banda, a typical local band.

* The Armagnac Torch


 Distributors & Wholesalers will soon have a space set aside for professional distributors and wholesalers.

You will be able to meet producers and dealers in the context of a genuine Armagnac forum.

Please register on line and apply right now or write to for regular information and updates regarding this service.


 Gastronomy & Armagnac
Armagnac is not only drunk but also eaten! Fois-gras, meat, pastries and fruit can all be enhanced with the fiery liquor.

Whether you are a great chef or simply a fine gourmet make sure you send us your recipes and address which will be published on

 Letter from
 the editor is promoting the best of Gascony, Armagnac, with an online web site covering all aspects this world renowned brandy. can already answer your questions with a Producer's Directory and a specialised search engine. will soon enable you to buy directly and online from producers and growers.

This site keeps you up to date on the latest Armagnac news published in the south-western press such as "la Dépêche du Midi".

We apologize for sending some parts of the english version in french but we're working on translation.

For further information concerning, please mail to

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