Whether buying Vintage or Special Reserve Armagnac, tasting this divine spirit is a must!

Armagnac.org, 1er portail de l'Armagnac, élixir de longue vie gascon!
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Meet the Gascony producers responsible for the conception of this life giving elixir.

Discover not only what names such as "Bas-Armagnac", "Ténarèze" and "Haut-Armagnac" mean but also an invaluable source of accurate and up to date information, specialist web sites and much, much more.

Share in the traditions, culture and savoir-faire of the men and women of the Armagnac territories of Gascony, who for the past five centuries have bestowed part of their yield to Bacchanalian gods, a process poetically called "the angels share" which refers to the alcohol's natural evaporation when left to mature in wooden casks.

Armagnac.org initiates you to France's oldest brandy, the result of a triple heritage: Roman for grape growing skills, Moorish for the secrets of distillery and Celt for barrel making techniques.

Known under many aliases such as Aygo Ardento or Aquae Ardens, references to Armagnac are found in medical and alchemist treaties going back to the XIVth century. It remains to this day a true product of Gascony.

Please come in and enjoy!

English version by Harold Price

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